How to Improve Google Ranking of a Website Using Social Signal Checker

Google has the ability to analyze the social signals and add good value to your site by giving it a good ranking. In addition, to that, you can also backlink your website with huge amounts of links which are justified by the social signals. This creates the users of the social media network to talk about your site. For that, you need to make your site more interesting and hot. The main advantage of the social signals is that it justifies the backlinks.

social signal checker


Google has many advanced features of social searches that are incorporated into it. Google uses social signals to rank the search results. So it is preliminary to use social signals to improve the ranks in the search engines. But to make sure you are getting enough likes or shares you need to use the social signal checker to calculate the total number of likes and shares from the social media networks.

The following are the factors that influence the Google rankings of your website using social signals. These show the relevant reasons that influence the web search results.

Social Search Ranking

Google or other search engines offer the same way to see the search results that are written or shared by the people in the online media. This search is directly influenced by the people who write for you or read your posts and like them.

The links on the pages will take you to the past coverage of these dedicated social search services which explains how they correlate the content from the social media networks. This information can be known using social signal checker is then used to leverage the social signals by the people who read and write for your website to help you to rank well.

Web Search Ranking

The thing that happens within the social search tools is entirely different from what happens when you do an arbitrary web search in Google which tries to decide which of the pages are to be ranked from the millions of pages that it indexed from the web.

Google takes more than 200 different social signals to decide how to rank the web pages out of these pages in response to the search made by you. Some of these signals are

  • Page Rank
  • Anchor text
  • Html title tag

Web Page Authority vs. Human Authority

The working of the web search is quite different from the actual search what you expect. Some pages are deemed more trustable than the other pages. The pages that link to the other pages gains more reputation in Google’s ranking.

Humans on the internet have web pages that already represent their authority. This creates a Google PageRank score every time they visit the page. On increased number of visits rank of the page increases automatically.

PageRank vs. social rank:

Google has the ability to give social rank, human rank, author rank etc. to the pages depending on the various aspects. In order to get a better page rank, you need to get better social signal ranking.

By all these factors you need to use the social signal checker to analyze the social signals that improve the Google ranking.

What is the Need for Social Signal Checker?

As social media has emerged as a hot trend in the digital world, every business person wants to promote their business on the social media. It is a clever idea indeed. But, competition is everywhere. Social media is an open source. It is free for everyone. So, all the marketers do the same. They compete with each other for promotion to reach more users.


In the process, they generate social signals. Social signals are nothing but the links presented on the social media. The more you have the social signals, the more your are loved by the netizens. Search engines feel the same and include the social signals as part of their SEO algorithm. So, business concentrated more on these social signals.

There are so many entrepreneurs whose business is to buy social signals. You can purchase the social signals from them. They offer different packages for low prices. And gives the scope for using the social signal checker tools.

Purchasing the social signals:

You can simply approach such businesses and ask them for available packages. They show you different packages in different prices. You can choose the monthly packages or yearly packages. You can choose the social sites on which you need the social signals and the number of the social signals.

What is the need for the social signal checker?

Purchasing the social signals is not a simple task. You have to make an analysis of the amount of signals you need. Having the bulk amount of social signals is not the right way. Your account may be suspected of spamming. So, you have to monitor the amount of the social signals. Using a social signal checker tool will give you the stats of your social media presence.

Using the stats, you can select the packages. So, there is no problem of wasting money. Sometimes, you cannot buy the packages. For example, a few signals are enough for you but there are no such packages. In such cases, the stats help you to make a decision and cover the rest of the social signals.

You need to keep track of the amount of the social signals. But, you cannot count them on all the social accounts at all the time. But using these special tools, you can keep continuous track of the amount of the social signals.In this way, the checker tools play a vital role in the digital marketing.

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Social Signal Checker: What is the Role of the Social Signals in the Digital Marketing?

Social media is the most influencing thing in the digital age. It plays the key role in getting a business more promotion. Social media is the most fun generating element for the youth now. So, thousands of millions of youth are engaged in the social media. Youth means the youngsters who are professionals in marketing, students, professionals in other fields. They are the potential customers of any business.

socialsignal checker

To attract all these potential users, social media is the only thing they can use. There are many social networking sites that create engagement between people. So, the ultimate goal of the businesses is to make the users on the social media to share their content. That is, they have to gain more social signals.

To monitor these social signal count and make right decisions regarding that, you need a tool called social signal checker. This is important. Because the signals have so much importance in your ranking.

What is the importance of these social signals in ranking?

The search engines giants like google and yahoo take the number of shares and likes into account for ranking your site. They calculate the number of URL’s of you that are generated by sharing and liking on Facebook, tweeting and retweeting on Twitter and +1d on Google Plus. When you have a good SEO ranking, you can get more traffic to your website thereby can earn more revenue.

What is the need to monitor the number of social signals?

So, you have to manage a good number of social signals. You can buy the social signals in the market. You have to pay for them and can get a finite number of social signals. There are so many packages available. You need to choose one among them. For a small business, fewer social signals are enough to buy. But, how could you know the number of the social signals you required? This can be known with the help of a social signal checker tool.

This tool counts all the social signals for your business in all the social media sites. They crawl the databases of the websites and give you the precise information about the count. So, you need not check for the count on all the social accounts. Depending on the number of the signals, you can purchase the social signals. So that, you can spend the money efficiently.

Having the social signals in bulk amounts is not good for you. Because the search engines may treat you as a spammer. So it is essential to monitor the number of the social signals for your website.

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What are the Business Strategies You can Make with the Help of a Social Signal Checker Tool?

social media has become the dominant force in the digital era. It has changed the way you promote and market your business. With the rise of smartphones, your audience is viewing the news feeds and timelines on the social media all the time. You have to establish a strong and influential presence on the social media. It should be your top priority as a business.


The links for your business presented on the social media are called the social signals. So, more social signals are the indication of a strong presence on the social media. For this purpose, you can use the social signal checker tools. With the help of these tools, you can get to know how active you are on social media and what are the strategies you can make.

For a business, the most important thing is to reach more audience. That means you should have more social signals. To increase your social signals, you can follow the tips:

  1. Make an effective profile for your business:

Keep a neat logo of your company as your profile picture. Keep the bio section simple and smart. This attracts more users and they wish to follow you. This is the main source of the social signals.

2. Create awareness:

You have to let all your friends and employees to know about your company’s presence on the social media. Share the links on all the other social networking sites too. So that, all your followers on the networks can follow you on the new social platform.

3. Share effective content:

The content that you post on the page should be shareable. It should reflect the current trend. So that, all the youngsters will like your posts and share them with their other connections. This is one another source for the social signals.

Following these simple methods, you can get more share and likes and can increase your social signals. The social signal checker helps you in one another way that you could know about your rivals information. You can know how their company pages are doing and what the methods they follow. With this information, you can create some strategies to gain more social signals.

You always should have number of social signals. So, you can buy these social signals. But, you have to choose a package that suits well for you. So, you can decide this from the results that the checker tool would bring.

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