5 Features of Social Signal Checker That Helps in Managing Social Signals

Social signals are the latest SEO of the online marketing. It is because search engines give more and more priority to the social media appearance. The more you make your site popular in the social media websites like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. the more you get the traffic. These signals increase the rankings and site authority in the online media.

Social Signals checking tool

Social signals are the likes, shares, comments, views and reviews etc. that are found on the social media sites. In other words, they are the proof for the increasing response of the audience to your website. It is okay if we use the social signals to promote but how sure you could be in its progress. It is not practically feasible in checking each of the social media websites and calculate the total number of likes or shares that are done on the particular website. So in order to check and calculate the total number of shares or likes, we use a special tool called social signal checker.

Features of social signal checking tool:

Some of the important features of the social signal checker that can provide the best results are described below:

Integrated Interface:

Social media checking tools possess an integrated interface that could provide you the information regarding the performance of your content on all the major social media websites that saves you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to visit each of the websites individually to check the performance of your social signals.

Know what to measure:

You need to have the basic idea on what top measure and how to measure before you can actually measure. The most obvious best options of measuring the performance of the social signals are the likes and shares on Facebook, tweets on twitter etc.

Know the right amount of social signals that mark the best performance:

The next important feature of the social signal would be to know what actual number of likes or shares are needed to analyze the performance factor. In general, the more are the shares better will be the performance. This is because after an optimum level growing graph is always welcomed.

Concentrate on the best and worst performing posts:

Keeping a clear track record of the best and worst performing posts is a very important feature. You can analyze the number of posts by comparing them which are working well and which are not. This comparison can be useful in optimizing the poor performing content or posts.

Know which social media network works best:

The fifth and important point of the social signal checking tool is that you can realize the best social network that is suited for your brand. You can be aware of the networks that are not working well for you. By this, you can appropriately target the weak performance areas and improve in the next phase.

These are the characteristic features of social signal checker that can you ion managing the social signals.

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